Telegram introduces animated stickers in the latest update

After a couple of weeks since the last update, and following the usual developer strategy, Telegram has updated its Android application on weekend. On this occasion he has chosen Saturday instead of Sunday. And, although the changes do not imply a noticeable improvement of the service, it does introduce a notable novelty in personalization.

With the Emoji We can send emotions with a simple icon; the Gifs add a remarkable amount of available content; and with the sticker packs It is possible to divide emotions while maintaining the same theme. So, what is the next piece in this evolution? The animated stickers: they have just arrived on Telegram for Android.

The new Telegram 5.9 includes support for animated stickers up to 60 fps

Imagine that the stickers you have stored in your application came to life and went from staying static to making movements. Like a Gif, but keeping the background transparent and with a perfect animation to work in loop. Well, that's the way it is Telegram animated stickers.

The messaging application improves communication possibilities without them being a new element: messaging apps like Google Allo already included animated stickers. Although surely in Telegram they are more successful: the company has not only presented the novelty with a series of packs accessible from the application, but also has developed an extension and a standard. This way anyone can create compatible animated stickers; Always following these rules:

  • The size of the stickers must be 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Moving objects should not protrude the available space.
  • The animation cannot last more than 3 seconds.
  • The animation must be kept in a loop.
  • The weight cannot exceed 60 KB.
  • The way to create the packs is identical to the one that has been used so far for "normal" stickers: talk to the @stickers bot.
  • You can access the rest of the information on this page that Telegram has enabled for this purpose.

There are currently a series of accessible packs within the application: you just need to update your Telegram for Android. Of course, you should keep in mind that nobody will see the animations you send until they update your app, so it will still take a while to standardize.