The best indie games of March according to Google Play

Deciding on a new game is usually complicated due to the huge number of them in the game. Google Play. Since The Free Android We tend to highlight some of the best, but there are always other sources to look for new recommendations. For example, the own Google Play.

The publishers of the Android app store tend to highlight the best apps and games chosen by them. And there is a section dedicated especially to indie games, that kind of titles that delve into the imagination and the newest mechanics. Do you want to know what the March team is? There is very good quality.

The indie corner of the Google Play Store chooses the best games of March

As we said, there is very good quality among the selection of publishers. Starting with the best game of March, OVIVE, an imaginative platform title that has not only received countless development awards, also won acclaim from the public. Above it is very economical: you have it for 0.89 euros, a real gift for the quality it distills.

The latest news in indie games They also appear highlighted. There are all styles, both in the form of paid games and free (or rather freemium). The selection chosen by the Google Play is the next:

Since last March 8 was the women's Day, on Google they chose the best indies representatives of games starring female characters. The selection includes essential titles on Android: if you have not played them you already know what you have to do.

Do you want to access all the recommended games of the month of March? Below you have the direct link to the Google Play Store. The editors constantly renew the selection, so it is worth saving the page to bookmarks to visit every month.