The cheap RedmiBook 14 laptop goes through Bluetooth certification

To the manufacturer Redmi things are going really well. The firm, owned by Xiaomi, although it has been separated mainly for marketing reasons, is devastating with its cheap phones that offer a surprising quality price relationship. Your next step? Launch a market cheap laptop, under the Xiaomi wing, to attack a new sector.

S, the Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 is a reality. Under the name XMA1901, it has just gone through the Bluetooth SIG certification, so we are facing a device that could be presented over the next few weeks. And yes, the idea that Xiaomi and Redmi launch a cheap laptop seems like an excellent idea.

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It is not the first time that we see devices of this type at very restrained prices, but if we take into account the excellent value for money that Redmi mobile solutions offer, the idea that this firm will make the leap to the portable market we love.

What do we know so far about RedmiBook 14, Xiaomi's new cheap notebook?

As we told you, just went through the Bluetooth GIS certification, an essential process to be able to launch a product to the market, so it seems that the new cheap laptop from Redmi and Xiaomi is closer than ever.

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As for the technical characteristics, we know really little about this enigmatic RedmiBook 14. In the product description, reference is made to a laptop with that name. In this way, we can deduce that this cheap laptop will have a 14-inch screen.

Apart from this, we have no more information about the device, more than it will have more than probable Intel processor. For the rest, we should be facing a really economical device, so it will not have a very powerful SoC, most likely it will arrive with about 8 GB of RAM and limited internal storage.

Anyway, we will be before a cheap laptop productivity oriented, enjoy multimedia content, surf the Internet and use the main social networks. More than anything because, taking into account the screen dimensions and the hardware to mount, we can surely run games that require very little graphic power.

That is, nothing of an Android or Chrome OS fork, most likely the new portable computer that Xiaomi and Redmi will launch together will reach the market with Windows 10 under the arm, a plus to consider when it comes to bet on this solution from the manufacturer based in Pekn.

But if we take into account that this model can reach a really tempting price and that it will not exceed 300 euros, the idea of ​​buying the cheap laptop RedmiBook 14 Sounds really good, right? Now we just have to wait for the manufacturer to make the official presentation of his new device to see what surprises us.

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