The iPhone 11 with Android that you can already buy in China

The iPhone is year after year, an object of desire for many mobile technology enthusiasts, being Apple's event one of the most important of the year. Far from copying to the new iPhone, the Chinese have decided to anticipate the official launch to introduce the new iPhone 11. Yes, an Android version and much cheaper than the original.

The iPhone 11 with Android is real

That the iPhone is for many an object of desire is undeniable, since its high prices is for many a status symbol. Just as there are imitations of expensive fashion pieces, iPhone imitations are also the order of the day. Why try to be rich when you can pretend to be rich.

Imitators tend to stand out for offering their alternative versions as quickly as possible, but sometimes they outperform the teacher. As there were already 3D models that claimed to be the final design of the iPhone, the imitators have decided to anticipate the official launch and simply copy the 3D models.

Filtered the design of the new iPhone.

One of the advantages of Android being an open system is that anyone can modify it. In return, this advantage allows anyone to modify Android to look like an iOS imitation. The copy to the iPhone is faithful to the point of creating a user interface similar to that of Apple.

At the moment, the unboxing video has been uploaded by a small channel whose only contact is a WhatsApp number. We do not know the specifications that this device will have, but if we analyze how this type of imitation is usually, we expect it to be a poor product at a technical level and with a really low price.

Of course, our recommendation is to completely ignore this copy of iPhone 11 with Android, and continue enjoying brands that create quality products. This type of mobile in the end only serves to pretend that you have what you cannot have.