The new Google experiment is a social network for your neighborhood

Shoelace is an application developed by Area 120, an experimental division of Google. This new application is a social network focused mainly on events held in our own city. How does it work and what is its purpose? We tell you.

Shoelace is a great idea for the future of social networks

Although Google has failed to have relevance in the world of social networks, it is not an impediment for Area 120, an experimental division of Google, to take the license to try new ideas. Shoelace is one of these ideas that looks great, although we don't know if it will end up fitting.

We can catalog this application as an idea, since it is not available to everyone. As we read in Android Police, the application is currently limited to a number of users in the New York area, so it does not make any sense to install it, since without an invitation code we cannot test it.

What we can tell is the purpose of this application. It is a social network focused on local events. Once you open it we would find an interface that would be as simple as the city map. This map will show elements that correspond to events that we can join, although we should be able to create ours.

Imagine for a moment that you want to organize a basketball game on the track we have near our neighborhood. We can create the event and any user who uses the app will know that a match will be held, being able to sign up for the match.

It is not an app, it is a feature

While reading about this new application, I remembered the moment when Steve Jobs met with the founders of Dropbox. Apple wanted to buy the company to create what we would know today as iCloud, and according to the creators of Dropbox, Jobs told them that they didn't have a product, but a feature.

I remembered that moment because Shoelace seems to me, more than a social network, orA feature that could be seamlessly integrated into Google Maps, the only social product of Google that has achieved a resounding success.

Do you also think that Shoelace could be a feature of Google Maps?