they will have a new email application

A new application is close to reaching the phones that are part of the range Samsung galaxy. And, it seems, the development is intended to manage the accounts of Electronic mail? Nico that users have. We show what has been known to offer this development of the Asian company.

The information arrives because a clear reference has been found to the name that will have the new application that will have the Samsung Galaxy. Specifically, this being Email Plus, and therefore it is clear that it comes as an evolution that already includes the brand's devices as part of its customization of the Android operating system (known as One UI). Obviously this is coming through a update for each of the firm's models that use the aforementioned development and, in addition, exclusive compatibility with the company's smartphone will be maintained.

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The truth is that this work is a movement of the Asian firm to change things – specifically the perception – once some users received messages from Google that warn of some problems of Privacy of the emails that are managed with the current application, and that were quickly denied by the company (indicating that it was a timely failure and not something fixed in the Email development). The case is that the security It seems one of the main elements in which to improve the new app that works for Samsung Galaxy.

An arrival to the Samsung Galaxy that seems imminent

Once the signature has been made with the name of the application, a step prior to the launch to the terminals, everything indicates that Email Plus reach the market coinciding with the arrival of the new Galaxy Note 10, so we talk about the month of August 2019. In addition, using the launch of the company's new smartphone is more likely to include any additional options that are compatible with the S Pen. The case is that it is not long before this application is official and, quite possibly, a security update will be used to reach the different models that use One UI (tablets included).

Email Plus for Samsung Galaxy be better than Gmail?

The current development is a fairly complete application and is more than enough to manage the email received. It does not have major failures or shortcomings, and it is quite fast – without abusing the storage it requires. Of course, the integration with other services is less than that offered by Gmail, and it does not seem that this will change in Email Plus so Google's work here is much better (an example of what we say is the good feeling that You have the Mountain View mail application with your own assistant). That is, the secure user interface that remains as much more intuitive in Email Plus.

Apart from that, the management of the accounts will be better in the development for the Samsung Galaxy, since right now it is already in the development that exists today. If you increase security and privacy as it seems, It seems that this development can compete with that of Google. But the latter has the virtue of being in all Android terminals, which has made it practically a standard (in addition, the use of gestures offered is very useful).

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