5 Huawei and Honor phones that have stayed at an absurd price

A few hours ago we knew the great news for Huawei. The Trump administration has lifted the veto it made with Huawei a few weeks ago. This veto has been extremely painful for the company, which has seen all its successes in the consumer division falter, drastically reducing sales forecasts on Huawei phones.

Huawei has made a great awareness campaign, remembering countless times that its current mobiles would continue to work perfectly. However, distrust of the market has caused many of these phones to have lowered the prices of some of their phones.

Did you want a good, beautiful and cheap mobile? Hurry, because these low prices are likely to rise again. These Huawei and Honor phones are at a ridiculous price and are practically high ranges. We will order them by price from lowest to highest.

Cheap Huawei and Honor phones: Honor Play

One of the most important launches last year was the Pocophone F1, a mobile that ignored many aspects to offer performance and battery. Honor wanted to create a rival to the height with this Honor Play, and although it did not reach in performance or battery levels to the Xiaomi mobile, he knew how to compensate it including NFC connectivity and a beautiful metal design.

More compact and better design: Honor 10

The main Honor model for last year was not very innovative or pointer, but without a doubt it was a solid Honor launch. It is a mobile that already seemed cheap for what it offered at the time, and a year later its price has dropped a third.

It may not arrive in terms of memory and photography at the level of the P20 and P20 Pro, but being so cheap we believe that its features are noteworthy.

Huawei P20

My partner Manuel Fernández analyzed this mobile, mentioning that without being extraordinary, it was an excellent mobile for almost everyone. The reason for this trial lies in Huawei's intelligence to create this device. What do people value most? A mobile that works well, that is beautiful, that makes good photos and has a lot of memory.

All this is accomplished by the Huawei P20. Without standing out in any of them, this terminal has achieved an excellent balance.

Exceptional photography at an absurd price: Huawei P20 Pro

For many, the rise of Huawei began by this terminal, and that is that for the first time since its inception, the flagship of the Chinese manufacturer exceeded its direct rivals in the most important section of the high range. The Huawei P20 Pro has been one of the great standards of mobile photography over the past year, with powerful innovations such as its night photography mode.

This mobile arrived at the market at a very high price, and despite having already a while, if you are looking for design, performance, battery memory and photography, it is a safe value that exceeds all these requirements.

The king of 2018 at a minimum price: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Perhaps with this statement I do not quite agree, since for me the best mobile of 2018 was the Galaxy Note 9. However, when we value the best phones of last year, there were almost unanimity in the Free Android team Regarding how exceptional the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is.

This mobile has the Kirin 980, the most cutting-edge processor of Huawei. At the photo level it is even better than the P20 Pro, by maintaining the level and adding the wide-angle photography as an extra value. Having used this mobile for several months, I would say that the best thing is its battery and energy management. In short, it is a mobile that is not only at the level of its rivals in the high range, but its battery is at a higher level.