Apple is close to buying Intel's modem division: report

Apple may acquire Intel's modem division to accelerate the production of its 5G-compatible iPhone.


Apple will be able to take the reins of the production of 5G modems for its future iPhone by hit book.

According to a report this week from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in "advanced talks" with Intel to acquire its modem division. The newspaper said the purchase agreement could be closed the week of July 29 for an amount of US $ 1 billion.

The negotiations between the two technology giants will have lasted about a year according to the report of theJournal, although they temporarily ceased in April 2019, when Apple and Qualcomm reached an agreement 6 years on your licensing lawsuit.

This agreement, which began on April 1, 2019, made Qualcomm a chip supplier for Apple for 6 years. For this reason, Intel abandoned the production of Apple 5G modems, but according to the source, the acquisition of the Intel modem division could accelerate the creation of 5G modems thanks to the purchase of patents and hiring of expert personnel, since Intel was for years working to develop them, although always late.

Intel told CNET in June that it has seen "great interest" by Apple in its 5G modem business, but did not confirm which companies had been in contact for a possible purchase.

If the purchase is completed and the production process of these components is accelerated for 5G, it is possible that, as some analysts have previously predicted, Let's look at the first iPhone 5G in 2020.

Apple does not usually comment on these types of reports.

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