Apple launch three iPhone with A13 and new Taptic Engine in September: report

An iPhone 11 with design of the Galaxy S10 what do you think?

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Manzana launch three new iPhone in September with new processors, new hptology technology, more functions in the front camera and add a third lens in their models premium, according to a 9to5Mac report citing people who have already seen the products.

The report reveals that the new chip will be the A13, the natural successor of the A12 chip present in the 2018 iPhone. Apple also announced a new generation of the Taptic Engine that is now known as Leap Haptics. 9to5Mac could also confirm that the design of the rear camera is very similar to leaks.

Taptic Engine, which is used in Apple Watch and iPhone, allows you to create actions by pressing the screen for a certain time. The actions that can be performed is to display submens or invoke more functions (it is something similar to the right click on a computer mouse). 9to5Mac could not know what differences will have Leap Haptics, but says that is the way Apple prepares to leave 3D Touch, a Haptics Engine feature, from iPhone 2019.

9to5Mac has been able to know that the successor of iPhone XS Y iPhone XS Max They will have three cameras in the back that will be in a square and the design is very similar to what has been seen in leaks and prototypes made to computer. The addition of the third lens will be to allow larger images but also to enable the new Smart Frame function, says 9to5Mac.

Smart Frame allow, when a user takes a photo, the wide angle take a second photo even larger so that the user can modify the final focus to taste. Once the user edits the final photo, the second image will be deleted for privacy reasons, the report is added.

9to5Mac mentions other details such as a new front camera that allows you to record video at low speed in up to 120 frames per second, the permanence of the Lightning port (although the iPad Pro already has USB-C) and that only the successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max will have an OLED display.

Apple has not given official comments on plans for new iPhone.

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