Bluetooth speaker S17: Sonos Move: design and filtered features

Little by little we get to know new details of the first Sonos portable Bluetooth speaker. S, the manufacturer specializing in sound devices, has an extensive catalog of devices of this type, but until now it has never launched a portable version. And it is more than clear that at IFA 2019 we will know all the details.

What until now was an open secret, can now be confirmed. More than anything because, the well-known portal WinFuture, a specialized filtering website, has just published the first official images of this portable Bluetooth speaker from Sonos. And, taking into account the reputation of this site, it seems that the signature device is really expected.

As indicated by the guys from the German-born web portal, through this filtering we can see a series of marketing images that show us some very interesting details of the S17: Sonos Move, the first portable Bluetooth speaker from the manufacturer.

The Sonos portable Bluetooth speaker has a stationary base

With respect to S17 design: Sonos Move, we are facing an oval-looking device, in order to offer high quality 360 degree sound. As usual in this type of solutions, at the top of this Bluetooth speaker, is where we will have the controls. In this way, we can control the song that is playing, in addition to increasing or decreasing the volume.

Surprise the microphone symbol located at the top. Previous rumors talked about the possibility that this S17: Sonos Move out Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Now, we can confirm this fact.

And not only that. Also, on the side of this portable Bluetooth speaker from Sonos, we appreciate the on and off button, in addition to a way that Allows you to switch between Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The reason? The stationary base of S17: Sonos Move.

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And, this model has a base, which serve on the one hand to charge the expected Bluetooth speaker from Sonos through its USB Type-C port, although we can also load the S17: Sonos Move independently. But in addition, this base will be responsible for providing WiFi capacity to the device.

Are we going to use it in a certain place on a regular basis? It is best to have the S17: Sonos Move always connected to its charging point. Do you want to take it to the kitchen, to the bathroom or to a party with your friends? its Bluetooth mode meet your expectations.

As usual in the solutions of the popular firm specialized in high quality sound products, this new portable speaker from Sonos, have support for AirPlay 2. In this way, users of compatible devices can get the most out of it. And yes, surely Spotify Connect is included in the specifications of this product, which aims increasingly higher.

We do not know details about the availability or the price of the S17: Sonos Move, but on August 26, taking advantage of the imminent arrival of the IFA 2019, the firm has scheduled an event for the press where, they will surely officially present the expected portable Bluetooth speaker of the firm.