Challenge Artificial Intelligence playing stone, paper or scissors

As smartphones, and devices with processors evolve, there is an element that ends up dominating them all: Artificial Intelligence. It seems intangible, but a simple game is enough to challenge it to a round of games. And you don't need to memorize the rules of Go or chess, with the «rock, paper or scissors»That you have been practicing since childhood is enough.

Rock Paper Scissors with Artificial Intelligence, this is the suggestive and descriptive title of a game that has been released very recently in the Google Play Store. Its developer uses the TensorFlow AI to learn from the movements of the human player by beating it in a round of stone, paper or scissors. Do you think you can beat AI?

Artificial Intelligence, gesture recognition and super simple mechanics

The game uses the smartphone's camera to recognize the gesture of your hand. During a series of rounds you will face the machine in a race to see who wins the most games. An accountant will advance to three: moment in which the two you must show your movement.

It doesn't have much else: Rock Paper Scissors with Artificial Intelligence It is a classic game of stone, paper or scissors in which the use of Artificial Intelligence takes center stage. The game works offline, so you don't need the Internet to learn about the movements (if you connect you will have ads). And it works really well: just a few games is enough to make it very difficult to fool the machine. That's how Skynet started, sure.

This is a free game that has ads that jump to full screen after a few moves (while online). You can unlock the entire game (more rounds in a row) and remove the ads for only 0.79 euros. Rock Paper Scissors with Artificial Intelligence is much more addictive than it seems, if only to find an AI at the height of a human player. And better, just play a few games to be almost invincible.

Do you want to have on your mobile the rock, paper or scissors smartest? Download it now from the Google Play Store: besides being curious, it also has fun.