Discover all the games in previous registration and download most

Visit the Google Play Store It means opening the door of the largest mobile app store in the world (more than 2 million and a half today). And among all this list of possibilities there is a huge amount of games, most of them free. Casual games, resource management, MMOs … The majority already published and with direct download; existing titles in advance form, the so-called «Prior registration«.

Google allows developers to promote their future applications with prior registration, a form of show interest in development. This way it is possible to have the app's active URL and trial versions can be uploaded to Google's servers; without users having access to the download (in theory). In fact, the only thing that can be done is to register for Google Play to notify when the app is available, hence the previous registration.

How to know what games are in pre-registration in order to know the plan of future releases and sign up to be informed? We will give you the address of a page that collect all previous records. And, as an addition, we will teach you to download these games even if the download option is not available.

Access the Google Play page where all the games are listed in previous registration

As we said, prior registration is a way to show our interest in developing apps while we take the opportunity to keep informed of its launch. This is achieved by Google Play notifications: once one of these previous registrations is formalized, the Android app store will make an alert as the application is ready to download.

From the section «Beta access»From the Google Play Store app we can access many of the games in previous registration, but not all of them are available. However, there is a corner of the Google Play in which to find future releases, it is as follows:

Once you click on the link you will have all the games listed so that you can join the ones that interest you most and discover all the information they have available. The release date is not found, it is a pity, but you will know when they are available because Google Play will let you know.

What do you not want to download to make the games available? There is a way to download a good amount of those applications. And in a legal way.

How to download the games in previous registration

Often developers create the page of the Google Play Store for your game and publish the app in certain countries as a test. In this way the download is blocked for most users, but tools like that of Apk Pure You can access it to download the app.

Not all pre-registered games can be downloaded, it depends on whether they will be free and if they are accessible on Google servers. We have made the test with all the games in previous registration and approximately 80% can be downloaded. And to get it you just have to do the following:

  • Access the games page in previous registration.
  • Enter the game you prefer and copy the URL. If you are on the mobile, share the application with the top three points of the screen and click on «Copy to clipboard«.
  • Access this Apk Pure tool: download applications that are not available on Google Play for location or development reasons.
  • Paste the URL of the application you want to download, accept and fill in the captcha.
  • In the event that the app is available Apk pure will give you two options: either go to the game page to download the Apk or you will download the Apk directly. You just have to install it.
  • Apk files downloaded from Apk Pure they are safe and unmodified.

The download method of Apk Pure It is valid for any application of the Google Play Store. Not all of them can be downloaded, but much of the games that are in previous registration are. So you know, you can get ahead of the official presentation of the applications, it's more than simple.