Draw to solve the puzzles, this game challenges your creativity

There are many games casual and free on Android, surprising here is increasingly complicated. Even find a mechanic that, without being original, does offer what is necessary to have fun and engage. Draw here It is proof that you can get an app capable of entertaining anyone without abusing purchases or advertisements.

Mobile, touch screen, intelligence and creativity, these are the four elements that you use Draw here to challenge you with a collection of ascending puzzles in difficulty. The way to overcome them is simple: you just have to draw the element that best suits the level. Get the stars and you will have moved to the next screen, that easy. Wait … easy?

Lines, balls, squares … Draw by calculating the best position and trajectory

In Draw Here the physicists influence the same measure as the quality of your drawings; so you must take into account both: you must not only draw as accurately as possible, but calculate where your object will fallor, if he will take advantage of his design to move to another point of the level and if, at the end of the movement, he will be able to get all the stars. You know, the more you get the greater rewards you will have.

Since it is a freemium game, Draw Here offers in-game coins which are achieved by exceeding with each maximum score each of the levels, through watching advertising videos and also directly. Of course, the purchases do not give much more advantage to the evolution within the game since they are aesthetic, such as being able to change the drawing pencil to a pen, for example.

Draw Here has several levels of difficulty and 14 universes with 28 levels each; which makes a total of 392 different screens to solve. The difficulty is increasing, and much: at first it is simple, then you will have to squeeze your brain, and draw with precision, to achieve all the stars.

Draw Here is not innovative, but very consistent. And fun

It could be another casual game in an infinite list of Google Play, but the truth is that it has a lot of appeal. It lacks strange permits, does not abuse advertising, offers in-app purchases without them being essential and you can play without an internet connection; saving with it the ads.

You can download Draw here from the following link to the Google Play Store. We recommend it.