Forget FaceApp; you better turn your selfie into a classic painting

This site generates a classic painting from a selfie.

AI Portrait Ars

While the debate continues and the stir for him data usage of the popular FaceApp application, a new website has emerged to do something similar and already begins to add fantastic. This is AI Portrait Ars, a website designed by researchers from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and can turn your selfie into a museum-worthy piece.

The website uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reproduce "human artistic portraits" in different styles. Researchers loaded tens of thousands of paintings from the early Renaissance to contemporary art to help train the generative antagonistic networks (GAN), which are a popular class of artificial intelligence algorithms used in the unsupervised learning

The site says it has no interest beyond teaching its users about art.

"Your photos are sent to our servers to generate a portrait. We will not use your photo data for any other purpose and we will remove them immediately," the site says in a privacy notice. That is very different from what happens with FaceApp, which allows you to make all kinds of changes in your photos to make you look old.

In the midst of privacy issuesFaceApp said that although most of their photos are deleted within 48 hours after uploading, it transfers the photos that have been selected to the cloud and can store a photo uploaded to the cloud for better performance.

But don't go to AI Portrait Ars if you want to replicate a big smile in a portrait: "Portrait masters rarely paint smiling people because smiles and laughter are commonly associated with a more magical aspect of genre painting," he says. site among other warnings.

The researchers were not immediately available for comment.

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With the collaboration of Laura Martnez.