Google confirms that launching new Pixel Slate tablets and Pixelbook laptops

Everything suggests that the tablets and laptops of the range Google Pixel they were something of the past, and that the Mountain View company had no intention of giving them continuity. Well, this seems to finally not be that way and, therefore, there will be new generation of these hardware devices.

The truth is that everything pointed to the end of the range of convertible laptops and tablets of the firm, since in an internal restructuring known last month, it was known that several employees who were in the division called Google Create -which is responsible for the development of new hardware-, had been sent to other places in the company. And, considering that smartphones are going well and accessories such as router and media players are well positioned, the logical thing was to think that Pixel Slate and Pixelbook will say goodbye. But, finally, it seems not to be that way.

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Google confirms that it is still working on tablets and laptopsis

The case is that it has been known by several sources that the Google products we are talking about have not been canceled and, therefore, new versions of both devices are on the way. It is even believed that this same 2019 both the new laptop in the Google Pixelbook range and a Pixel Slate convertible will be announced. Good news if you are one of those who like to explore options such as Android and Chrome OS, since they are the operating systems that will be used on these computers.

Even in a statement from the head of Pixel products on Google, Steve Jacobs, carried out at the Cloud Next 2019 event, things seem to be quite clear regarding the continuity of the equipment that we have mentioned before: we believe that there are unique things that can be done with the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate will help give them new approaches and uses in this New and modern era of the cloud. Therefore, it seems that the particularities of these teams do not change precisely, since the cloud interaction It will remain essential in the company's tablets and laptops. Thus, the great novelty will be a new way to implement it and, thus, provide greater usability to the devices.

Possible arrival of new Google Pixel tablets and laptops

The logical thing is to think that it will be in autumn when both products are announced next to the new range of Google phone products, the Pixels 4. To offer real options in the market you have to advance with them both in hardware, something that does not It's complicated, like in the software. And this is where you have to make the greatest progress, because if they are not offered most appropriate operating systems you can not compete with computers such as Apple iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface, which has to be the goal.

Therefore, it is certain that tablets and laptops of the American firm, fortunately, they are not exactly dead. Will they arrive this time in Spain?

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