Google gives priority to night mode when updating your camera

Taking pictures with your mobile has become very normal. So much so that more and more people prefer not to bring a camera. Before, there were at least some conditions in which the photos with cameras came out clearly better than with the mobile, as happened in the shots with low light.

Currently, thanks to the software manufacturers have achieved a remarkable improvement in this type of images. One of them is Google, which with its Night sight It allows you to take photos with details that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Such a good result is giving them that in the latest camera application, the one that comes in beta 5 of Android Q (version that has not yet been published), they have decided to give it prominence.

We change Night mode to Panorama

New Google camera app interface

In the update of the camera app, Google has decided to put the night mode on the main interface, relegating the Panoramic mode, much less used, to the last button, where the less used modes are grouped.

It is a minor change but it indicates the relevance of this to Google.

The white balance button is lost

Old Google camera app interface

In this update the company has decided to eliminate a very practical button, the white balance, which allowed to balance the lights especially indoors.

The application is version 6.3 and we can download the APK from APK Mirror.

New features to come

In addition to these two changes, in 9to5Google they have discovered some of the novelties that we will see in future versions.

For example, we will have suggestions when making selfies, like doing them in contrapicado mode, from top to bottom, to hide the double chin.

It is also working on the McFly mode (which will probably not be the final name but it would be great if it was) that would allow us to record video and change the way of reproduction, being able to make inverted videos, from back to front.

Finally, this APK confirms that it will be compatible with the Pixel 4, so we are close to the final version of this application, which we will see in Android 10.