official test to know if your connection is compatible

One of the requirements that must be met to enjoy the service Google Stadia, which allows you to run streaming games, is to have an Internet connection. Depending on the quality of access, so be the resolution you can use. Well, now there is a way to know the compatibility That your equipment has.

The truth is that the tool that has been published is quite useful – besides a good idea – because with it you can have a plan when it comes to hiring the Stadia streaming games service from Google. The case is that it is logical to think that the higher the access speed you have in your home, the better the quality at which you can enjoy the different titles that can be enjoyed on the platform at its launch (as, for example , it is useless to have a Smart TV compatible with HDR if the speed at which you access the Network is low and does not allow this possibility).

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Then we leave an image recently published by Google itself in which, through a graphic, you can see what speed is necessary to enjoy the contents in the three resolutions offered by Google Stadia: 720p, Full HD and, of course, 4K -and, the truth is that it is not as high as expected at first, everything must be said.

Access to the test to know the compatibility with Google Stadia

On the page that has been published, which is official, you can perform a speed test that measures the quality of the connection you have at home, which includes both the service contracted as the hardware used (such as both the installed router and the computer or mobile device on which Stadia is intended to be used). Therefore, and as recommended, it is very important that it be used exactly to the assembly in which the platform is executed.

Access to the Google Stadia connection test

The use is as simple as simply pressing the button at the top of the blue color called Check nowIt starts with the process that takes a couple of minutes to complete. Once everything is finished, a message is displayed indicating the speed obtained and whether the maximum resolution that Stadia allows or not can be accessed. A pity that no more data is offered, really. That is, it is undeniable that this tool is quite til to know what you will get with the Google service.

Before giving the results for good, you we recommend to run the most reliable speed test that currently exists that measures the Internet connection (and that shows a much more complete amount of information than the aforementioned test). Its results are exact and the use is very simple, so do not hesitate to use it.