The most beautiful and complete weather application: download 1Weather now

Talking these days about time means referring to heat and high-temperature waves that are ravaging a good part of the northern hemisphere. Surely no application is needed to prevent tomorrow: it will be so sunny that they could melt to the stones. But it may not be so, for that there are apps like 1Weather.

The application that we want to highlight today is one of the best known in terms of design and quality. Distinguished by the editors of the Google Play Store, 1Weather It takes a while on our smartphones as one of the essential apps to anticipate the weather. The best thing is not only your weather data, but how well it shows them. Even with the always welcome Widgets.

With 1Weather you have a full-time application, visually appealing and full of widgets

What can you ask for a weather app? The first thing is that it is right, as is logical; after offering a lot of weather data; that has alerts, widgets, layered radar… And do not abuse advertising. Well, we just defined 1Weather.

Instead of having a single central screen with vertical scrolling, 1Weather divides the application into different tabs in order to categorize all the elements. Today, forecast, precipitation, radar and sun & moon: each one of the sections centralizes the different key meteorological aspects offering all the available information. The graphic appearance is very polished; offering contrast between blues, whites and those colors that the current climate has. For this the application insert a representative image in the background.

9 days of weather forecast, hope of rain per day and amount of precipitation, cloud radar and UV index with the path of hurricanes and tropical storms … And not forgetting the disaster warnings and other weather conditions: 1Weather is quite complete. It also requires, but this will depend on the territory and the amount of meteorological data that exists in the area.

I can't leave one of the highlights of the app: the widgets. 1Weather has 12 different widgets with different designs and amount of data that will be reflected. Its design is as polished as the rest of the application, so they look great on any desktop. They're worth it.

1Weather It is a free time application that has some ads to finance. As usual, you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase: 1.51 euros. It is a single payment, without subscriptions.