The new Harry Potter game already on Google Play: sign up!

Few games are more expected than next Harry Potter, a game in which we use the camera of our smartphone to act as magicians in the street and actually augmented. Does it sound to you Yes, it's the same mechanic as Pokémon Go. And they don't match only in mechanics, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It is Niantic and will be released in summer.

Warner and Niantic They are heating engines as they have met with the press in London today to test the first versions of the mobile game. This has been confirmed by Vandal, who has had the game at his fingertips to see if he lives up to expectations. And the truth is that yes.

Niantic and Warner Bros show the first screenshots and videos of the game

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite We will control a wizard who must discover the magical world that hides in reality. For this we will use the mobile camera and its augmented reality; being able to cast spells to the enemies and creatures with whom we find up to use translators. All wrapped in a mechanic of role mixed with exploration and, let's not forget it, with the exercise since we will be forced to walk if we want to progress in the game.

The mechanics are more complicated than seen in Pokémon Go however much they both maintain endless similarities. It is not a game that only fans will like Harry Potter since it intends to go much further with a complete experience that will challenge you to discover everything scattered throughout the real world. Looks good.

Wanting to try it? There are still a few months left, at least in anticipation, but you can sign up for the Google Play Store pre-registration: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It is already in the Android app store. You know: if you sign up, you'll find out when it's available.