the new Instagram fashion

A while ago the artist David Álvarez rose to fame on Instagram by creating cartoon versions of portraits of real people emphasizing the features to make them look like dolls. In fact, they remember the famous FunkoPOP a lot.

His success was such that he has partnered with an application development company and created an app for mobile devices that allows him to do something similar to what he does in an artisanal way.

With Dollify we can create our own avatar in the form of an adorable doll simply by choosing each of the features.

Many options, without saturating

I have been using the application for a while to create several models and one of the things that has caught my attention is that although there are many options, they do not become too many.

The creation process is simple. We simply have to choose whether we want to design a boy or a girl and choose each of his facial features, such as mouth, eye color, freckles, or eyebrows.

We must also choose accessories such as glasses, necklaces or earrings, as well as the type of hairstyle or clothing.

Finally, we can choose the background we want from the three free ones or put the image we want, which can also be blurred.

Free app with an integrated purchase

The application can be downloaded and used for free although it is true that to unlock all the editing options we have to make a purchase in the app for $ 6.99, something high for what it offers us.

If we do, we can save unlimited designs, choose from more customization options, in addition to removing the watermark.

Even so, the result is nice and sure that many like to be able to create their own avatar with this peculiar aesthetic form.