this is your control knob

In the smartphone sector there are rumors that start many months before they come true. This is normal if we think that an important project is not done from one month to another and at least many months are needed, but one year.

Even more time is needed, especially when a company wants to enter a land that is not theirs, as Apple did with the phones or Google with the computers.

And this last signature is the protagonist of this news since the control of what will be its first game console has been leaked, a device that promises to offer streaming games and we had already known something a few months ago but we had not seen anything physical until now.

A console that will arrive shortly

This new device is expected to be presented in the GDC (Game Developers Conference), an event in which video game developers come together and in which Google wants to offer its new service.

The console has not yet leaked but we have been able to see in detail how your control will be.

The controller is quite large, with wings to grab it different from the views on other controls such as XBOX or PS. You will have two joysticks at the bottom, among which a button to invoke the Google assistant appears. Above we have a button with the Google G and two smaller ones, the Start and the Select.

On the right side are the four cross buttons and on the left the typical digital crosshead. In the upper zone there are two triggers to perform certain actions.

The Google event where the new console is announced is expected to be the March 19, at 9:00 p.m. Spanish time. At that time we will check if these leaks are real. As always, take the rumors and leaks cautiously.


Apparently the designs are not official and are an interpretation of a patent that Google has on this device.