Windows 10 finally integrates Android notifications

Microsoft has stopped trying to rival the mobile world with Apple and Google and has decided to take another path, something similar to what it has done with Cortana instead of facing Alexa and Google Assistant.

One of the stops of that road is the integration between Android and Windows 10, an integration that every day goes to more, as today we verify.

The application that links what happens in our smartphone with what happens in our computer has been updated including one of the most anticipated functions, notification management.

How to view Android notifications on our PC

Your Phone, the app that we can download from the Windows 10 store and that allows us to synchronize the photos and SMS of our computer, today has been updated including the management of notifications, as we see in the image of Windows Central.

To use this new feature you must install the Windows 10 app and your Android mobile. You can download them for free from their respective stores.

Once the devices are installed and linked, we have to go to Android and activate access to app notifications. Is in:

  • Settings -> Applications -> Three Points icon -> Special access -> Access to notifications.

What can we do

The new function brings us the possibility of receiving in real time (as long as we have the mobile synchronized with the PC) the notifications of the applications we want. We can configure what messages we see on the PC and delete them, one by one or all at once.

In addition, if we remove them from the PC they will also disappear from our mobile, not being necessary to remove them twice.

At the moment we cannot answer from our computer but it is something they are working on in Microsoft.

This novelty is already being activated at a global level although it is a phase activation so it is possible that what happens to us will happen to you and you still do not have it available. In theory it will be available to everyone in a few days.