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Beta iOS 13, the new operating system of iPhone was responsible for revealing the official launch date of the new devices of Manzana thanks to a screenshot with the title "HoldForRelease" (wait to launch), which was found by the iHelpBR portal and reported by the MacRumors site.

In the capture you can see the application Calendar of iOS with the date set on Tuesday 10. iHelpBR states that last year it found a similar screenshot of the current iPhone presentation event (XR, XS and XS MAX) developed on September 12, 2018.

This was the filtered capture. (Photo: iHelp BR)

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This is not the first time that it was indicated as of September 10 as a possible date for the presentation of the new Apple devices. Some predictions indicate that, based on what happened in previous years, the apple firm may present its iPhone 11 that day.

How will the new iPhone be?

Apple is expected to present three new iPhone. According to some rumors, these devices will have three lenses in the back area that will offer new features and will be present only on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the future top-end of the firm. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 will have a double rear camera.

These names have been filtered because a store of public covers a few days ago that these will be the definitive denominations of the Apple phones that will succeed the family of the iPhone XS. Its design will be similar to what the iPhone XS and XS Max currently have. Your screen will present improvements thanks to the power of the new processor.

Just wait the remaining days to see what details we will find in the new Apple devices. All this you can know from our website.

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