find the best following this guide

It is not that the tablets are the devices that are most used in Android, but they do have enough potential to successfully deal with all situations. Leisure, entertainment, support for studies, productivity … There are certain actions that are best performed on a large screen. And there is such a variety of manufacturers and models that it is usually difficult to opt for a specific Android tablet.

We have already made several articles recommending tablets and selecting different tops from among the entire market, but we had never done it visually. What are the specific needs? The price we are willing to drop? And if we face them with its table of characteristics? We have even dived in the competition in order to capture in a graph everything you need to know if you are looking for an Android tablet. What do you think.

No, choosing an Android tablet is not that complicated

We select all the available ones, we are left with the most recommended for anyone (guarantee, reliability …) and we take out the ruler and the pencil to put together an outline of what we consider essential. And from that scheme came the following graphic: follow the steps and you can choose the Android tablet that best suits your needs.

Android tablet of 10 inches or more: large screen, large features

The decision on the size of the screen is the first one to be taken since it will end up being the one that marks our use. With respect to 10 inches (or more) we have seen that little by little their interest and the number of manufactured models diminished, but there is still enough choice to stick to.

  • With a very good battery. Having a large screen, and without spending a fortune on the device, we have opted for the LG G Pad 10.1. Fairly balanced, good build quality and good battery. And for about 235 euros.
  • Great value for the price. We really like this bet of BQ in the Android tablet sector: for features, finishes, design and price, the BQ Aquaris M10 has taken our recommendation if you are looking for the best balance. And for 229 euros (190 at the time of writing this post).
  • Powerful tablet with LTE. It is the most expensive of this comparison and surely its price cannot be justified, but the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet is a true wonder. One of the most powerful of our selection and with LTE version. Yes, the price stings: almost 700 euros (reduced to 629 right now and with a gift keyboard).
  • The best Android tablet, especially for the office in motion. If we had to select one above the rest, there is no doubt that we would opt for the Pixel C. Especially if you add the keyboard: productivity increases by far. There may still be office applications that can be squeezed thoroughly, but their 499 euros are a good investment.

Android tablet 9 inches or less: smaller does not mean worse

They are much more manageable and allow you to take more places, even if you lose touch space or surface to watch videos. There are many sizes equal to or less than 9 inches, making it easier to subdivide them by price. Less than or greater than 200 euros? Our selection is as follows.

  • Quality and performance. It is one of our favorite tablets and one of the best that stands the test of time, making the 8 inches a measure more than perfect for everything. Including games: if you use the remote with the Nvidia Shield K1 you will have one of the best "game combos" that exist. And only for 199 euros for the tablet.
  • Perfect for the little ones. It is one of the weakest tablets in performance, so you should take it into account if you have children who deserve a superior device. But if they are small and need a tablet to play and watch movies, the Amazon Fire HD 6 is perfect. Something small with its 6 inches, but quite well priced: almost 120 euros for the 16 GB model. Of course: remember that it brings its own version of Android.
  • One of the best cameras. It could perfectly rise as the winner of this confrontation of Android tablets because, despite its compact format, it is a good "beast." Yes, the Huawei Mediapad X2 has excellent features, but also a camera that is seen in very few small format devices. And only for 349 euros with LTE.
  • Powerful and perfect for multimedia use. You could not miss a Samsung on our top of the best Android tablet. And we do not do it to fulfill, that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 deserves it: it is an 8-inch device with great power and a Super AMOLED screen that is a luxury to see it playing series. And for just over 300 euros.

And the winner for each size is …

After having selected eight, four per category, you have to opt for a specific one. It has been difficult, you all had more or less qualities than the others, but, after having used and lived with them, we stay with the Pixel C in the case of ten inches or more and with the Nvidia Shield for 9 inches or less. One more than twice as expensive as the other, but both with an outstanding Android experience.