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Google presents Gallery Go: light alternative to Google photos

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For a while now, Google has been launching lower consumption alternatives CPU or data for your applications, penalizing those who have been treated with a reduction are Google Go, Maps Go and YouTube Go, in addition to the application Files Go I was born with that concept in mind. These Go applications also serve as the main applications offered within the Google Go Android software alternative. Today, the company is giving “Go” treatment for one more application, Google Photos. In an attempt to obtain synchronization and photo management functions in a lighter mode and with less data, the search gave rise to the new application Gallery Go.

Within Gallery Go, users can find most of the functions present in Google Photos. That includes automatic organization, photo search and easy editing on multiple devices. It opens with a clean and sensitive interface with separate tabs for screenshots, documents and videos, as well as the usual content-based groupings.

Gallery Go It also comes with the usual photo sync We can find in Google Photos. This is good news, since we do not have to give up one of the best and main functions offered by the larger application in search of another that consumes less hardware resources. In addition to this, the new application is made to work offline and help save data. The application currently Android 8.1 Oreo required as a minimal version to be installed and used.

If you are curious and to try this new application Go you can access it from its section in the Play Store. If for some reason you cannot access the application from the Play Store or it does not appear, you can download the APK file safely to install it on your device manually from this link.

Ecosystem of applications for Android Go

It's interesting to see how Google is slowly building an ecosystem specially dedicated for devices running Android Go. The lightest version of Android arrived in 2017 to solve the recurring problem of Android in low-end phones. After all, these types of devices always suffered to correctly run a standard version of Android.

While it was a great initiative, Android Go still has to catch up with low-end customers. Several manufacturers have used the program as an excuse to sell obsolete hardware at high prices. The foregoing is such that on several occasions, a standard Android device is more common than an Android Go for a similar price.


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