Nubook, the range of convertible laptops with Remix OS

A little over a month ago, an operating system was launched, which is undoubtedly the best way to bring Android to a computer. We talk about Remix OS, the operating system that brings Jide tablets and thanks to the help of Project X86, also to computers.

We have carefully analyzed Remix OS on a PC but sooner or later the incorporation of this operating system would arrive natively on devices other than those sold by Jide. So here I haves two convertible computers equipped with Remix OS.

Wolder chooses Remix OS for its new Nubook range

Both laptops are manufactured by Wolder and are part of the new Nubook range. These two laptops are the same and the only difference is found in the screen size. They have the advantage that they can be completely folded to convert the laptop into a tablet. All this equipped with the operating system that includes, Remix OS, the best way to be productive with Android.

We leave here the technical specifications of the two Wolder convertible laptops, the Nubook 10 and Nubook 11:

  • 10.1 ″ / 11.6 ″ screen with HD resolution
  • Intel Cherrytail QuadCore Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
  • 7,200 mAh and 8,000 mAh battery, being the last for the largest.
  • Operating System: Remix OS 2.0

We talk about laptops made of plastic to reduce costs and also reduce the final weight of the product. The design in general is striking and we like it. The plastic that covers both the part of the tablet and the keyboard reminds us of the rubbery touch of the Nexus 5. Good option is to opt for a nice plastic.

The RemixOS beta will arrive on March 1

On the other hand, RemixOS enters the open beta phase from March 1, at which time it will be available for free to all users who want to download it. This new beta has a great advantage, and it will allow direct installation from the hard disk, without having to do it from a USB.

Alliance of Jide and Android-x86 Project

In addition, Jide, those responsible behind Remix OS, have announced an alliance with Android-x86 Project. This is a foundation that aims to bring Android to x86 PCs. This alliance will allow both companies to achieve their goal of creating an intuitive Android experience on PCs. Android-x86 Project will remain an open source project.

We talked to David Ko, one of the co-founders

During our visit David Ko, one of the managers of the Remix project, has been able to assist us. It is a company with about eighty people currently working on the project.

One of the difficulties has been adapting the multi-window system to Android and its main objective is to create an Android alternative in the PC world, something that Google has not yet created.

Remix partners are several, beyond Wolder have agreed with a major African manufacturer and intend to announce new alliances in the future.

The alliance with Android x86 is very important, although for strategic reasons at the moment they will not release the code of Remix OS, leaving the door open that will do so in the future.

Remix 2.0 is currently based on Android 5.1, but the development of Remix OS 3.0 based on Marshmallow is already underway and should be displayed in about two or three months.

Price and availability

Prices are not yet official, but the model of 10.1 inches will be around € 200 while the 11.6 will be over 250, or maybe something less.