One of the best Android browsers is renewed: Kiwi is faster

Kiwi Browser is one of the alternative browsers we like most about Android. Based on the Chrome engine, it is a browser full of features that prioritize speed above all. In its latest update it is even faster and has new features that we tell you below.

Kiwi Browser is faster on 64-bit mobiles

Kiwi Browser is a browser that on its own merits has become one of the best Android options. It uses the Google Chrome engine, so it is at the level of the Google browser, but it differs with added features, such as a dark mode or ad blocking, AMP page blocking and much more.

All these features arrive without neglecting the performance, central axis of Kiwi Browser. And if you have a mobile with 64-bit processor (practically all phones with at least three years) Kiwi will be even faster since in its latest version they have added new optimizations for these processors; In addition to improving the graphic drivers.

What's new in Kiwi Browser (XDA Developers)

As news, we also have:

  • Support for translators from Google, Yandex and Baidu.
  • The content filter improves, and now we will have the possibility to create our own list of exceptions.
  • Kiwi is now compatible with external download administrators.
  • The extensions are shown first in the menu.
  • Incognito mode protection.

If you are more curious about the characteristics of Kiwi Browser I recommend you read the analysis that my partner Borja made on the application. I also recommend the official XDA Developers thread (in English) where the developer shares news frequently.

The new version of Kiwi Browser is now available on XDA Developers and Google Play. Y, as always, it's totally free. Kiwi is one of our favorite browsers, so if you did not already have it on your mobile, it is a recommendation that you can not miss.