other chat applications to send messages

The times when we should pay for sending messages They went to other phones because, as we know all smartphone users, just open our messaging app to have all conversations at no cost. Beyond what they charge us for our rate, of course, there always has to be a catch. There could even be another: What application to choose if you do not want to use the majority?

Talking about messages and chats automatically brings applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger… But there is so much Android software of this style that you don't have to bind yourself to the best known apps. There will always be the problem that not all of your contacts will have the app installed, but you can always agree to use a concrete one within the group of friends, for example.

To have exclusive communications with certain people, so as not to suffer network crashes, more privacy… Many can be the reasons and also the possibilities. We have gathered some of the most versatile, safe and not too well known in general.


It is a key application for those looking to be more anonymous in their conversations. The chats remain encrypted end to end by an encryption protocol that is free code (the same one that WhatsApp uses). And it does not stay here as it can prevent screenshots and has messages that self-destruct, making it more difficult for conversations to be shared.

Signal It not only uses chats, but also group conversations, calls and video calls. It is not an application that is too popular, but it is updated quite frequently.


Another of the messaging applications which are characterized by safety and also by anonymity. The only downside it has is that it is not free and has a price of 2.99 euros; cost that guarantees a return to the company and also greater security for the user.

Threema encrypt the chats from end to end, also the rest of shared items (calls, video sending, status messages …). Further, no phone number or email is needed to access the service, which results in anonymity. Without a doubt, it is a great alternative to larger messaging applications.


This messaging application is much less known without being less recommended. And is that Tok (without Tik) is based on the protocol P2P to create an end-to-end encrypted communications network that is offered as anonymous and 100% secure. In fact, no phone number is needed to use it (yes a user).

Tok is secure and open source. It allows communication through chats, sending multimedia content, also offers group conversations … Highly recommended.


We have been declining in terms of popularity, so now we make a hole for one of those messaging applications that broke with the established. In a time where the liveliest were the Emojis, Line introduced the stickers forever changing the way to communicate.

Line has lost bellows in western territories, but it is still an excellent application to communicate. You lose security and anonymity, of course, but in return you gain more communication options and more chances that Your friends want to install it. It's something.

Bonus: SMS

It's talk about messaging and think of applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger, but we usually forget a key piece that still works: text or SMS messages. After all, since most operators give them away with mobile rates, why not take advantage of them?

SMS reaches any phone, be it an Android, iPhone or a non-smartphone mobile. And using the application included in your device, or Google messages, the experience does not go too far from a WhatsApp chat. Grouped messages, bubbles … You can even send SMS from your computer. It is only valid for text messages, at least until the RCS, but they work perfectly for the basics: communicate with anyone.

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