Play in a group with your friends with these fun games

We live in an era in which we are connected most of the time, although ironically that makes us spend less time with close people. Being away those days of conversation between friends, with no more company than a coffee and good conversation.

Taking this situation into account, why not take advantage of our smartphones to remedy it? There are games to play in a group, not online, but with people who are together in the same room. Let's take the classic games between friends, to a new level, do we start?


Our first recommendation is ideal for those who want move the skeleton a little and if on top is having a laugh between friends, better than better. The proposal is quite simple, we must make the couple movements that the game proposes to us.

In a few seconds we will see that when trying to overcome the objectives, our movements will become a dance. A great option for have fun in a group or as a couple, that if you have to be careful with our device do not fly away with emotion.

Dark stories

The next game will delight the mystery lovers and detectives, since on both ideas their developers have been based. We shall decipher the riddle in a group that the narrator proposes, which we will have to ask until we find the final clue.

The only answers we will get will be a yes or no from the narrator and, little by little, we must rename the mystery until it is solved. An ideal game for play in a group on any special occasion and have a good time researching.

Heads Up!

We are facing a very popular game that became famous in the program of Ellen Degeneres. Our mission will be guess the subject or object that appears on the screen and that we cannot see. So we can only receive clues from our partner.

You could say that it is the modern and technological version of the popular game Taboo, in which we must guess a word but without naming it directly. A very funny game and that will provide moments of laughter among friends.


Working as a team, that is the main premise of our next game. Each member of the group must have the game installed on their device, an essential requirement to be able to enjoy this exciting game.

In which we must execute the actions in the control panel of our ship, which is in danger, but such actions will not reach us directly. But to each device of our team, hence as we said at the beginning the teamwork It's essential.