Pokmon GO has generated 2,650 million dollars in just three years

Pokmon GO beaten all records at the time, both downloads and revenue, in the App Store and since its launch more than 3 years ago the income has not been hand-held. This is probably due to the news that never ceases to reach the game, the last one is from an amazing Mewtwo Battleship.

The success is such that this type of games has become fashionable And if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was officially launched a few weeks ago, we recently learned that Oliver and Benji will also be protagonists of an augmented reality game.

Now that we are celebrating its third anniversary, it has been known that Pokmon GO has generated $ 2.650 million in revenue in his three years of life

Pokmon GO is one of the most profitable games in history

Pokmon GO made its appearance in July 2016, both for iPhone and Android and since then it has become one of the most successful mobile games in the world. Sensor Tower was just publishing a report in which it has confirmed revenues worth 2,650 million dollars during its three years of life demonstrating the undoubted success of the augmented reality game.

This report shows some curious details of the game:

  • Pokmon GO has been downloaded 521 million times.
  • The players have spent an average of 2.4 million dollars a day in Pokmon GO since its launch.
  • The players of The United States has spent the most on Pokmon GO To date, they represent about 35% of the income ones.
  • Japan sits in second place with an expense of 779 million dollars, 29% of the income of the game.
  • Germany completes the podium contributing 6%, about 159 million dollars.
  • The 54% of income, about 1.43 billion dollars, comes from Google Play Store. The remaining 46%, about 1.22 billion dollars, were generated by iOS users.

We will see if any of the new Pokmon games that will be launched very soon have a similar success or if other Nintendo news such as Dr. Mario World manages to raise so much money. But what is clear is that Pokmon GO has been a round business for Nintendo, the figures speak for themselves.

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