Samsung's new folding mobile is what we have been asking for for years

Samsung was the first to present a mobile phone with a folding screen designed to be a consumer product and not a prototype to experiment. Thus was born the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a terminal that we had the opportunity to try but that was not sold.

This model has been postponed due to problems with its screen and although it is expected to reach stores at some point in 2019, it is not yet possible to buy it.

Despite this, Samsung continues to advance in this line and by 2020 it prepares a new smartphone of this type, but with a key feature: its size.

The shell mobile is updated

The novelty of the terminal that is currently being designed is that it will be a mobile of contained size when we have it closed. This is because the 6.7-inch screen will fold over its main side, as traditional shell mobiles do, and as we have seen in some concepts that indicate that Motorola will also bring that design to the present, inheriting it from the Moto Razr.

The size of the open mobile would be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G or the Samsung Galaxy A70, terminals that have 6.7 inches. In the video above you can see a design similar to what it will have, although it is not a video of the terminal.

Thus, the folding screen technology will serve to have a large mobile but that can occupy little when we carry it on.

It will have two screens

Like the Galaxy Fold, when the screen is closed it is protected, but that makes it not possible to use it. Therefore, Samsung has decided to include one outside the terminal, to use when closed.

Moto Razr folding concept

It will be 1 inch diagonally and will probably serve little more than seeing notifications or the name of the caller.

Galaxy Fold will be a family

It has also been confirmed what we already suspected, that the Galaxy Fold will be a family, such as the Galaxy A or the Galaxy S. We assume that it will be the most expensive family of the manufacturer, given the price that the Fold will have and that, predictably, You will also have this new model filtered today.