The 2020 iPhone will have iPad Pro display technology: report

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Apple launched in 2020 an iPhone with a screen that is quickly updated to offer a faster and more fluid experience, according to the renowned Ice Universe filter.

Apple already uses this technology, named by the company as ProMotion, in the iPad Pro 2017 and 2018, but this will be the first time that ProMotion takes to the iPhone. This technology allows the screen to be updated at a speed of 60 to 120Hz, causing the image not to lose fidelity and avoiding image scanning.

For the manufacture of this screen, Apple will be in deals with Samsung and LG to know its manufacturing possibilities. Historically, Apple has opted for Samsung as the manufacturer of its panels, but the US firm has recently increased its relationship with LG to not need a single manufacturer.

Rumors about the 2020 iPhone have started surprisingly soon. Apple still does not launch the iPhone it prepares for this year and the reports already mention details that in 2020 there will be no versions of the iPhone with LCD screen, they will have modified dimensions and 5G connectivity.

While Apple does not comment on its plans, it will be preparing to launch three iPhone this year. Rumors suggest that at least the successors of iPhone XS Y XS Max they will have a camera with three lenses; The successor of the iPhone XR have two lenses. These cell phones will be launched between September and October.

Editor's Note:This article was originally published on July 22, 2019.

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