The Battle Royale of the creators of Titanfall arrive on Android

A few days ago we met Apex Legends, a new game based on the Battle Royale genre that you can already try on consoles and PCs. Electronic Arts has confirmed that its new game will reach mobile devices, in an attempt to compete against Fortnite.

Apex Legends will arrive on Android

A few days ago we met Apex Legends, a new Electronic Arts game that was unveiled a few days ago and can now be played. In Vandal you can know the first impressions of a title that we believe will give much to talk about, being developed by Respawn Entertainment, creators of games like Titanfall. In its first hours of life it has achieved great popularity, and in EA they plan to go even further.

Now you can play on consoles and PCs, but this new game will now reach mobile devices. At the last EA shareholders meeting, the company has confirmed that They are already working on a mobile version.

It was Andrew Wilson himself, CEO of Electronic Arts, who confirmed that for Apex they were looking to bring a mobile experience, which also included cross play. This means that you can play from your mobile with your friends, regardless of whether they are playing on PC or console.

Fortnite already marked the way

We may like it more or less, Fortnite has managed to be the revelation game of 2018. Part of that success comes from the effort of Epic Games to make its star game omnipresent. Not only is it found on all consoles and PCs, but you can also play it on mobile phones and on iPad. Be at home with the Fortnite, leave, and continue playing from your mobile.

In EA they have understood that for Apex Legends to be a great game, must follow that same trend. The games already compete for our free time, not only at home, but also outside it.