The best political and military strategy game you can play

From the creators of Plague Inc. comes Rebel Inc, a political and military strategy game that will surprise you. A high quality title that comes to Android completely translated and localized to Spanish. Not only is it an excellent game, but it also works without an Internet connection.

The new game from the creators of Plague Inc. puts us in charge of the government

Do you remember Plague Inc.? It is a game that already has several years behind him, whose goal was to spread a disease throughout the world. It was one of the best games of its time, and even today it is still a title that we recommend. It is a strategy game with a degree of excellence that few mobile games can boast.

Its creators launched a couple of months ago a new game, which is now available on Android. His name is Rebel Inc. and it is a political and military strategy simulator.

After the war ended, the country is in a climate of instability. Our goal is to govern and get the support of dissatisfied citizens. To do this, we will have to devote our resources to improving the civil situation, in addition to strengthening our government team.

It will not be easy to get the people's appreciation, we will have to face the insurgents who want to end our government by force. Having a military force will help us contain the rebels.

Beware of corruption.

It is a game in which every decision we make will have consequences that we will have to deal with. Its creators claim that despite being a fiction game, they have tried to address real-world problems. These are his statements:

“Although it is a fictional game, Rebel Inc. analyzes important real-world problems and we have made every effort to treat them with sensitivity. The game has been thoroughly researched and developed in collaboration with leading regional politicians, businessmen and journalists, as well as international charities, experts and governments. »

Rebel Inc. is a totally free game, translated (and localized) into Spanish. It also highlights for not needing internet connection. However, this free version is a limited version (although fully functional) of the original title, which we can unlock for 2.29 euros (the same as it costs on iOS, where there is no free alternative).

I've been playing for a while and my first impressions are fantastic. I look forward to finishing writing this article to continue playing. And if you didn't know Plague Inc, I also recommend it.