The Google task application is updated with quick accesses

Google Tasks is an application that helps us manage our pending tasks. After a couple of months without updating, this application has received an update with slight design changes and a highly anticipated novelty.

Homework applications are becoming more and more fashionable, and it is not for less. We live in a busy world and it is very easy to forget some of our tasks, sometimes important and sometimes more mundane, which we still must not forget.

Google Tasks is one of the best applications that we recommend to remember pending issues. Its greatest virtue is in simplicity, which is why he does not receive too many updates (if he received too much news, he would lose his virtue). However, the application has just been updated with small changes, one of them being very important.

Aesthetic changes and direct access to new tasks

As they point out in 9to5 Google, the application has recently received an update in which certain aesthetic changes apply. The most notable is in the button of new tasks, which becomes more compact and with the same design language that we already know from many other Google applications.

If you are a Google One user, you will also notice that your account icon has a rounded logo with the Google payment cloud theme. It looks like this aesthetic treatment will be present in all Google applications.

The most relevant change, however, we discover it in the shortcuts, and if we now press and hold the icon on the desktop we will have a shortcut to create a new task. Of course, the application does not yet have shortcuts for the notification curtain.

This version of Google tasks is numbered 1.6, and began its deployment on Google Play a few days ago. If you are too impatient and want to update the application, you can get it through APKMirror, a highly recommended source.