The stunning Stardew Valley lands on Google Play: sign up now!

There is no indie farm game that can match success and quality to Stardew valley. Fun, immense, customizable … And able to absorb you for hours based on taking care of the work of a farm. There is only one problem: it is not yet available for download at Android, but that will change soon.

The developers announce today that the conversion to Android is ready and that it will soon be available for download from the Google Play Store. In fact, the registration form is now available for the store to notify you as soon as it can be downloaded. It will be a paid game, as in the other platforms. And with identical quality and playability.

Stardew Valley will soon come to Android at the price of 8.99 euros

It will not be a cheap game, but this will guarantee the highest quality of the game and the fidelity of the conversion. The developers ensure that Stardew Valley for Android It is identical to the other versions. Of course, mobile platforms for now will not have multiplayer mode (this concerns Android and also iOS): we will still have to wait for that mode.

The version of Stardew Valley for Android It will be 1.3, identical to the one currently in the iOS App Store. It will include all texts translated into Spanish and the following functions:

  • The game may be saved at any time and is It will be automatically saved when the game is closed.
  • You can zoom in on the spot with the typical pinch gesture on the screen.
  • On-screen controls have been improved.

The developers of Stardew valley They do not clarify whether the conversion to Android will have compatibility with game controls, this would greatly facilitate the control of the character. For now we will have to wait to check it out: you can keep waiting by registering at the Google Play Store.