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Today the light version of Spotify, it is called Spotify Lite and for now not to reach Europe.

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A version of Spotify reduced to the minimum expression

Spotify Lite is presented as an alternative to the classic version of the application of streaming Musical with some changes.

The first one is that this version It has a better use of data consumption.

Which is a relief for those who take care of the consumption of GB by the end of the month.

So it is that according to the company this Lite version achieves an average data consumption per topic of only 10 MB as opposed to 100 MB of the normal version.

And all this without losing audio quality, which is very important to mention.

Although it makes us ask something So why does the traditional version of Spotify consume more data than this?

In addition, this version has an option to limit data consumption depending on our contracted data plan.

All the traditional options of the app are available

Although its name "Lite" can lead to confusion the truth is that Spotify have made it clear that this app has All options of the traditional application.

This lightweight version of Spotify is currently available in 36 countries in America, Africa and Asia.

At the moment this application is not available for Oceana and Europe.

Although the plans according to official information are clear, in the future they plan to expand this application to more markets, once it is based on emerging markets.

You can download this app from the following link.

If you have already downloaded it please tell us what differences you find (if you find any) between this Lite version and the other standard version of Spotify.


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