Try the next generation of browsers: download Firefox Preview

With the immense amount of web browsers that are available for Android, it is logical that the majority of smartphone owners keep the default one, usually Chrome. Because which one to choose? There are complex, simple, customizable … And others that focus on speed and privacy, such as Firefox Preview. Haven't you tried it yet? Now is the best moment.

Firefox Preview is the advance of Fenix, the mobile web browser that will absorb the rest of Mozilla's Android browsers, including Firefox Focus. In this way they not only reduce the different versions, it also facilitates the task of choosing the user since all the best of Mozilla will be included in Phoenix. And now you can download its public beta.

Firefox Preview: great speed, lots of privacy and with the GeckoView engine

There are many advantages of the new Mozilla browser since the development has lightened the application while power rendering speed and loading web pages thanks to the new GeckoView mobile engine. With this, Mozilla achieves a great browsing experience without abandoning the keys of the company: privacy and security.

Firefox Preview It is quite light, has a nice design and easy to use, has dark theme integrated, block trackers, bring private browsing, allows you to create catalogs with preferred sites, block ads by default … It is still in beta, but it does not seem like it: the browser works perfectly for normal use, so it is suitable to become your default browser.

Until now Firefox Preview, also called Phoenix, could be downloaded in private beta and after joining the development group of Mozilla Now the browser is ready for anyone who wants to download it: it is suitable for all phones and tablets with Android higher than 5.0 Lollipop And it is very worth it. We recommend it.