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We can now enjoy YouTube Music for free on Google Home

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Google launched Youtube Music in the first quarter of the year, in order to complicate the task a bit to Spotify. Youtube Music is a streaming music service, which has an interface very similar to that of the Swedish company. YouTube Music, has a lower cost than Spotify. The monthly subscription is 9.99 euros, compared to 14.99 euros It costs premium service. In addition to subscribing to YouTube Music, we will also get the benefits of what was previously called the YouTube Network. The cul was another YouTube service that ended up being deleted, but that offered all the content of YouTube without ads and with exclusive series and movies of the platform.

The free version of Youtube Music lands on Google Home

As we commented, Youtube Music is a paid service. Although it has a free version, it was not available until now on the smart speakers of the Mountain View company. One of the differences between Amazon's smart speakers versus those of Google, was that In Amazon, we can only listen to music coming from its own streaming service, or from Spotify Premium. However, the Google device allows Play Spotify in its free version, in addition to the Google Play Music payment service. Now predictably before the conversion of Google Play Music on YouTube Music, Google has made the determination to include the free version of this service we can just reach your smart speakers.

The limitations of YouTube Music for free

As we could imagine We will not get the same functions if we pay for a service as if not. These limitations are very similar to those found in the Swedish Streaming music platform. These limitations are as follows:

  • Advertising between song and song.
  • We can not choose a specific song but we can only choose the album or a specific artist. This limitation becomes a constant random mode, with no option to change it but through subscription.
  • Possibility of passing 6 songs per hour.

As we can see, they are very common limitations in free streaming services. We can navigate by voice in the same way that we can do it on other platforms. Asking for example What is playing?, Pass the song, pause it … In addition to of course choosing the artist or a particular album, But remember, not a song.

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