Web, Twitter and Facebook in a single iPad application

We will wait for Otoo to enjoy real multitasking on the Apple tablet. Meanwhile, with the iPad application Multitaskingwe can Use three applications in one.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-3343″ title=”ipad-app-multitasking” alt=”ipad-app-multitasking "src =" http://t.ipadizate.es/2010/04/multitasking_ipad.png "width =" 522 "height =" 341 "srcset =" https://t.ipadizate.es/ 2010/04 / multitasking_ipad.png 652w, https://t.ipadizate.es/2010/04/multitasking_ipad-536×350.png 536w, https://t.ipadizate.es/2010/04/multitasking_ipad-650×425.png 650w "sizes =" (max-width: 522px) 100vw, 522px”/>

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Multitasking rene three of the most used applications by users: a Web navigator in the style of Safari, a client of Twitter and a client of Facebook.

The user can launch one of the three applications, and without closing it, open the other two. They can all be used simultaneously.

A good idea, without a doubt: