What is the hidden object?

Talking about puzzle games implies making reference to those kinds of titles in which we must use ingenuity to solve puzzles and continuous challenges. But what if a puzzle game had pieces, like real puzzles? And imagine that these pieces were floating in the air and you should arm them by rotating them until they magically fit together.

The approach you have read explains perfectly Love poly, a puzzle game that has nothing to do with the love of the name. Well, it is true that it is enough to try it to fall in love with it: all the pieces fit together to offer a fun, original experience, with a great passion for details and ready to try it without complications. Another thing is to assemble each of the puzzles, which is not easy.

Love Poly, 3D puzzles with pieces that are assembled as you break them by sliding your finger across the screen

Imagine that you have a cloud of polygonal pieces and different colors that form a complex figure seen from the front. By turning these pieces object perspective is lost, so there is only one way that all fit perfectly in space. And you have to find that way; discovering, in passing, the hidden figure.

The mechanics are simple: rotate the cloud of polygonal pieces sliding your finger across the screen horizontally and vertically. The pieces rotate letting you guess the object; and you just need to draw the right turn so that the front perspective fits. As is often the case in good puzzle games, it is much harder to do it than to say it.

Poly love it entertains at any age since the mechanics of the gliders do not involve any complications. It offers a great variety of puzzles, the game design is exquisite, the music accompanies relaxation … It is an excellent app that has made a triumphant entry into the Google Play: more than 50 000 downloads in a week. More than deserved.

A game as simple as challenging and well designed

Love poly It is one of those games that you always want to play for a while. Relax, entertain, bewitching and can be enjoyed without cost. It has ads, but they don't bother. And you can eliminate these ads, earning added options, with different in-app purchases. We recommend it.