Xiaomi ZMI wireless charger for iPhone, iPad and Android

It is not the first time that we see the odd solution of this type by the Asian manufacturer. At the time, we talked about the wireless charging base for the Apple Watch. And now, the firm has just presented another solution for the rest of Apple's device ranges. And, Xiaomi has presented a new wireless charger for iPhone or iPad with some very interesting surprises.

When the Pekn-based firm presents such a device, it is usually committed by other manufacturers to launch the product. And, in the case of this wireless charger, it has been re-associated with ZMI, manufacturer specialized in this type of solutions. On the other hand, say that you have used your Youpin collective financing platform to present this device.

Obviously though This wireless charger is aimed at the iPad and iPhone, can work with any other device. But, it stands out for having a lightning port, a detail to take into account. And not only that: its 10,000 mAh capacity, and its tight price, are two values ​​to consider.

More details of the new Xiaomi wireless charger

In addition to the detail of lightnin connectorg, this wireless charger allows you to charge any iPhone at a speed of up to 7.5 W. S, with the QI wireless charging you can also charge your phone at this speed. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is only compatible with models from iPhone 8 or higher.

As we say, this wireless charger for iPhone or iPad, also works with any other device. In this way, it reaches up to 10 W of wireless charge in any compatible device, just as it offers a fast load of up to 18W, a detail to take into account.

In addition, having two ports, in addition to wireless charging, you can have up to three devices at once. And we cannot forget the material in which it is manufactured: a mixture of aluminum and non-slip. The reason? Offer a sober and attractive design, in addition to having a material that prevents it from accidentally slipping when you put the phone.

Finally, and as usual in these types of solutions, the new wireless charger for iPad, iPhone or any other device, arrives at the market at a demolition price. Yes, the new solution of ZMI and Xiaomi costs only 229 yuan, about 29 euros to change. Of course, for now we must go to external suppliers until the Asian firm decides to launch this model in Spain.