You can now install the Windows 10 calculator on your Android

The Windows 10 calculator application is a piece of software much appreciated by many, since despite its simplicity, it is very complete. A user has ported this particular application to the web and mobile devices, so you can use it wherever you are.

My eagerness for calculator applications is infinite, since I like to have control of my accounts manually and I don't always have the time or the desire (because sometimes there are certain accounts that escape us) to make the accounts mentally. On my mobile I not only have the Google calculator, but also a floating calculator and the wonderful Wolfram Alpha. Well it seems that there is room for a fourth application.

Windows 10 calculator comes to Android

If you use Windows 10, the calculator application is familiar to you. Without becoming the most complex and advanced, it is powerful enough for operations of some difficulty. And now you can have it available on your mobile.

It should be noted that it is not an official application of Microsoft, but of a developer called Nventive. However, the quality of the software does come directly from Microsoft, and this is because Redmond recently released the code for this application. We have already commented on occasions that the applications open source They give the freedom to other users to take that code in their projects. Being able to take this application to Android is a demonstration of the benefits of open source.

But let's talk about the application. It has the design you could expect from a mobile version of the calculator, where on the main screen we have the elementary numbers and operations. If we put it in landscape we can access the history of operations and to memory, since one of the virtues of this calculator is to be able to store results of complex accounts that we have previously done.

The best thing about the application is the amount of conversion tools we have. Coins, lengths, weights, temperatures, areas, powers, angles and many more.

Also highlight the programmer calculator, to pass decimal numbers to binary, octal or hexadecimal.

The application is available for free without ads, micropayments or subscriptions, so it automatically becomes one of the best calculator applications you can have on your mobile.

And what benefit does the developer have? Well, we imagine that getting fame in the market, since this application has been created with Uno Platform, its own development environment for cross-platform applications. Of course, with this excellent adaptation we believe that they will achieve it.