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Huawei reveals HarmonyOS: a system for every device

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The Huawei Developer Conference This year began today, The Chinese giant has presented a new operating system highly adaptable called HarmonyOS. This, unlike other major operating systems, is designed to work on all types of devices thanks to what is based on a micro-kernel.

HarmonyOS, a system to control them all (devices)

This is apparently the final name of your Hongmeng operating system. The new platform open source is "The first distributed microkernel-based operating system for all scenarios," Huawei CEO Richard Yu told attendees at the Huawei Developer Conference.

HarmonyOS can not only work in smart phones, but also work in televisions, tablets, smart speakers, wireless headphones, smart watches, PCs, virtual reality glasses, and even in cars. Huawei CEO Richard Yu says the operating system is designed to work on devices with RAM sizes ranging from kilobytes to gigabytes.

“HarmonyOS 1.0 will be adopted for the first time in its smart display products, which will be launched later this year. In the next three years, HarmonyOS will be optimized and gradually adopted into a wider range of smart devices, including portable devices, Huawei Vision and main units for your car. ”

HarmonyOS admit a wide range of applications, including Android, Linux and HTML5 in the future. The new operating system uses the Huawei ARK compiler and be compatible with the Kotlin, Java, Javascript, C and C ++ programming languages. You will also have a verified trusted execution environment for better security through connections between multiple devices.

Huawei said it started working on this operating system in 2017. It is currently in the version 1.0 with the version 2.0 scheduled for launch next year and the version 3.0 scheduled for 2021. It will also appear on computers over the next year and on VR glasses in 2022.

Arrive first on the Honor Smart Screen

HarmonyOS debut tomorrow on Honor Smart Screen, the first Honor Smart TV. It still does not appear on the phones, since Huawei says they will continue to use Android mostly in this field. However, they said that the change to HarmonyOS can already be made even and should take very little time for adaptation.

“If we cannot use Android in the future, we can immediately switch to HarmonyOS” – Richard Yu. HDC 2019

At the moment there is only waiting to see how they develop the first devices that are responsible for brand new HarmonyOS. It is also up to Huawei to promote the development of an ecosystem of apps around that attracts users.

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