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ActionDash 3.0 brings the “Digital Wellness” service for everyone

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ActionDash It is an application that brings functions and characteristics of digital wellbeing For the rest of people who still do not have Android Pie on their mobile device or it is not compatible. Since debut for the first time in January, it has been constantly improving. Rectenme has received your update 3.0, winning many of the features expected to reach Google Digital Wellbeing. Among these we will find the Focus mode, time limits for application use, a new function of persistent notification and a dark black hexadecimal theme They are among the other improvements included with the update.

What's new in ActionDash 3.0

Let's talk about the new function of persistent notification (a beta function called Usage Assistant). This allows us to deploy the notification curtain and get a continuous look of the time we have had the screen activated so far. It also allows us know for how long you have used the current application. This can be very useful for those users who consider themselves to have become “addicted” to a particular mobile application or service, and want to start reducing such high usage times. Being aware of all the time you lose in those applications or services can be a great help.

Now we will talk about focus mode. This way prevents us from opening certain applications while activated. This option can be activated and deactivated from the Quick Configuration panel for easy activation when we need to stop being distracted by applications and move on to finish our work.

The update is available from June 28, through Google Play. With this update, the dark gray theme that was previously only Premium is available to all users, while the new black AMOLED theme is only Premium.


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