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Swiftkey Puppets: Emoji animated by AI on Android

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Swiftkey (owned by Microsoft) is one of the keyboard applications most popular on Android. Recently they have introduced a new function that allows create animated emojis directly from your mobile keyboard application that use artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate the detailed facial expressions of a person within a 3D animal character.

Swiftkey Puppets create animated emojs from our faces

The function is called Swiftkey puppets and is similar to Animoji on iOS or AR Emoji from Samsung. Users can record themselves as a dinosaur, cat, owl, dog or panda. After this they can make the camera of your phone track your face so that the application can animate your facial movements.

To create this function, SwiftKey says that it used thousands of images and videos of volunteers to train a complex neural network able to identify the expressions and movements of each person in real time.

Since Swiftkey Puppet is embedded in the keyboard application, It works with almost any application. However, the ease of use will vary depending on the application or service where you want to use it. For example, sending a video through Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram requires that you re-select the recipient, even if you are already in a message thread with them.

According to some user reports, the Puppet function an requires some additional development. They mention that currently it does not track mouth movements very well and sometimes it is not synchronized. However this is something completely normal, as the function is in beta, so it will improve over time.

Microsoft Bean acquired SwiftKey for approximately 250 million dollars more than three years ago, and since then, the company has brought a series of new features to the application, including web search on the keyboard. The keyboard stands out for its extensibility, as users can customize and add features, including GIFs, new theme options, translations and a clipboard, in the top menu bar of the keyboard.


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