Apple Music finally arrives at Alexa in Spain officially

Little by little, the giant based in Cupertino is launching updates to its streaming music service with the aim of facing Spotify. It is a fact that Apple Music You are gaining weight at a devilish speed. And more now that, finally, it is compatible with Alexa in our country

And, one of the Apple Music features What users were missing most in Spain from one of Amazon's Echo family solutions, or any other device compatible with the company's voice assistant founded by Jeff Bezos, was to be able to control the music of this service with Alexa.

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Said and done, it seems that, although the wait has been eternal, the agony is finally over for users of Apple's streaming music service. In this way, it has been confirmed that support for Alexa has officially reached different countries, including Spain.

Amazon confirms that Alexa is compatible with Apple Music

The best thing is that, in this case we are not talking about a rumor or a leak, but it has been Amazon that has confirmed the arrival of this new functionality through a press release. It must be said that, although the arrival of Alexa to this was announced music service From the American company in November of last year, users have had to wait almost a year to receive, finally this update.

Yes, it is true that it was already available in the United States, but Apple has taken too long to offer the benefits of its service to Alexa devices in major European markets. And, although in Spain the company goes through its worst moments, with simply poor sales levels, other countries with much better reception, have also had to wait.

The good thing is that, not only will Echo devices be compatible, but any smart speaker that has Alexa as a voice assistant can enjoy the benefits of Apple Music in a very simple way.

To do this, the only thing to do is, go to the account associated with Amazon and dial within configuration to enable the new configuration option. You can also directly access the Alexa application to activate the use of Apple Music. What are you waiting for to try it?