Candy Crush earned more revenue than Pokmon Go and Fortnite in 2018

If many of you had to choose a list of video games that have generated more revenue in the past year or surely many will not think that Candy Crush could overcome them.

If we look back and see the amount of news generated by video games like PUBG or Fornite many will think that either of these two video games will top the list of video games that received the most money in 2018. Despite the appearance of an old man known as the video game Candy crush It overcomes them and the truth is that it leaves them very far back.

Candy crush

Candy crush Close 2018 with no less than 1.5 billion dollars of revenue from players. This leaves successes like Pokmon Go Y Fortnite very back

Of that amount, 63% was generated only by Candy Crush Saga, the oldest title in the series, having raised, alone, 945 million, value that contemplates Android and iOS and represents a growth of 6.5% compared to 2017.

So you can compare the results tell you that Fortnite It reached about 500 million dollars in 2018, although this amount is only the revenue earned on iOS. As the game did not reach Android goes Google Play Store, the measurement of microtransactions is "harder" to know.

In the case of Pokmon Go, this videogame reached revenues of around 800 million dollars by adding the income obtained in iOS and Android.

Candy Crush is still more alive than ever in the market. I surprised you with the news? We await your opinions in the comments.

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