Donald Trump spoke with Tim Cook about taxes, Apple … and also about Samsung

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, I met again with Apple CEO Tim Cook – although this time was not confused when saying his name – to talk about the company itself, taxes and tariffs on China and especially one of the main competitors of the bitten apple, the South Korean firm Samsung.

To get in position, we already know that Trump has an open trade war with China. One of the biggest victims of this conflict was Huawei that even became vetoed by the president, although and despite the fact that it seemed that it had temporarily "calmed down," Trump orders strong tariffs on imports of Chinese products with the aim of encouraging companies to produce in their homeland, although the company of Cupertino did not like this.

According to Tim Cook the only one benefiting from these tariffs is Samsung

In recent statements to ABC News, President Trump told how he had been meeting with Cook and what were the concerns that Apple's CEO had transmitted to him. The main one was about tariffs, and Tim explained that if they were to be applied, The only beneficiary will be Apple's main competitor, the Samsung company.

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According to Apple, Samsung being a company in South Korea and manufacturing its products in this country, will have lower production costs than Apple, which will also have to pay these extra fees for importing Chinese materials and products. Definitely, This will put you at a clear disadvantage compared to the South Korean company, which means that the American firm would be overcome, something that Trump doesn't like.

At the moment these import tariffs for Chinese products that will have to start applying from September 1 have been delayed until December 15 So there is still time to know if they eventually apply or if, on the contrary, Tim Cook finishes convincing Trump.

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