download The Scapists 2 now

The game that we bring you today just landed on mobile phones bringing all the fun that had been giving away on a computer for a while. The Scapists 2 It is one of those jewels that come to Android with a fun, quality and perfection little seen in our system. Above the game is fully adapted to touch screens, double achievement by developers.

He was waiting for a few weeks and Team 17, developer well known for being behind the Worms, has put The Scapists 2 on time in the Google Play Store. The price is inconvenient, but if you buy it, you will have such a lot of fun that you will not be able to finish it in just a few hours.

Open world for a retro aesthetic game

The Scapists 2 try, as his name dictates, to find the best way to escape from prison by mocking security and by drawing the best escape plan. It is not simple because the number of characters, objects, places and possibilities that each prison has (five in total, with option to customize) are abysmal; Hence, only with intelligence you get the best way out of the bars.

It seems unbelievable that under that simple and retro aspect a game with as many possibilities as The Scapists 2 is hidden. You will have at your disposal various prisons with the whole stage at your fingertips so that you do what you think is convenient. The open world is not just an anecdote, it is such that: the prison is full of life and interaction while trying to get out of captivity; being able to go through everything that is in sight and what is not, that also you must dig tunnels and escape through the ventilation channels. As in the movies, but with 8-bit graphics.

The amount of work this game hides is overwhelming. Do not get carried away by its apparent simplicity or its graphics without too much detail: the game is immense. Both for quality and for its extension and possibilities.

In addition to escaping from jail on your own foot you can also try in multiplayer (local) mode. In fact there will be prisons that will be easier to flee with help, hence the collaboration is so important: we go, as in a real escape, of those seen in the movies.

The Scapists 2 is a jewel for your Android, although it has a high cost

Team 17 It is characterized by its high quality games, and this newly landed on Android is no exception: The Scapists 2 it is a wonder. 7.99 euros is not a cheap price precisely, but its worth is well above cost. You will not regret buying it.